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The book analyzes the origins, the foundation, and the development of western constitutionalism, as well as the structure and the transformations of constitutional law in the western world. It provides an explanation of the theoretical roots and the historical premises of constitutionalism, and examines the foundation of constitutional law in western Countries since the age of the Revolutions and in the 19th Century, underlining the different constitutional traditions in the western world. Starting from the end of the First World War, the book describes the transformations of constitutional law brought by the transition toward the pluralistic societies and analyzes the political and the legal features of constitutional democracies, taking into consideration several constitutional experiences in the environment of contemporary State. It also deals with the worldwide expansion of the pattern of western constitutionalism and the contemporary challenges of constitutionalism in the age of globalization, focusing on the development of a European constitutional space.
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Andrea Buratti
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